Use mealdealsite.com to find and book dining tables, with great deals, at the best restaurants in your city. These are exclusive last minute meal deals with limited tables per restaurant per night. It's online, real-time and simple to use. We only charge £1 per person to cover administration costs and 10% of all booking fees is donated to charity.

What is MealDealSite.com?
Why do restaurants participate and provide such a big discount to MealDealSite.com?
Why should I book through MealDealSite.com?
What are the average savings each time I use the card?
What menu does the offer apply to?
How do I make a booking?
How far in advance can I make a booking?
How do you confirm bookings for MealDealSite.com clients?
What do I do when I arrive at the restaurant?
Does it cost me anything to make a booking?
How can I pay the booking fee?
How do I cancel a booking?
If I cancel a booking, do I get the booking fee back?
How do I keep informed of new restaurants joining?

If you still have questions you need answered, contact info@mealdealsite.com