How it Works

Step 1

Choose a restaurant you want to dine in and book a table.

Click on My City to view all restaurants in your city. Alternatively if you know what cuisine you fancy, you can use the Find me a table search function on the home page.

Step 2

Fill in the booking details and pay a small booking fee (£1 per head) to confirm reservation.

Remember a huge 10% of all booking fees is donated to charity - always.

Step 3

Your table will be reserved and we will send you an SMS text message and an email to confirm booking.

Your details will be placed on the restaurants booking diary under mealdealsite. The waiters and the restaurant staff will already know that you are a mealdealsite guest and will take you to your table upon arrival.

Step 4

Enjoy the meal and a massive discount will be applied to your bill.

The discount will be automatically applied to your bill without you having to tell the waiters or show email print-outs. The discount will be discreet.